Veel dank uit Roemenië

Dear friends,

It is such a great blessing to work together in the ministry of the Lord.
I write this letter to you in order to say „Thank you” for your love and care
towards the Lord’s ministry here in Romania.
At the Romanian Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies we train Romanian
Christians in order to send them as missionaries to the unreached groups,
especially to the Muslim countries.
The training is offered over a period of two years and it requires a lot of
theoretical teaching as well as practical ministry.
So, we needed to equip our library as well as a media-room wherein the
students to find the proper facilities to do their homework, projects and
research. At the beginning of this year we had finished the media-room (all
that was related to: walls, windows, door and radiator) but we didn’t have
any computer or even the furniture.
But I was in Holland and shared about this need with brother Peter who was
happy to provide the computers for the school through the organization of
“OEZ”. So, the computers got to our school in May and we ordered the
furniture (it was about 450 euros – not yet paid) and placed the computers.
Now we would also need six small chairs on wiles in order to offer the
students the proper space at the computer as well as the possibility to enter
and exit without disturbing the neighbor. I hope by October this will be a
Once again thank you for your interest in supporting us and I would also
encourage you to keep on praying for us, especially for this month when we
are expecting new students to apply for school! I think it is worth to train the
ones that risk all!

Special blessings,

Str. Pandurului 81D
900 006 Constanţa

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The media room.